Up to 1500 words, which can include life story, family history, poems, achievements and anything you would like to include.

  • Up to 3 pictures or images.
  • Extra features such as family tree, additional text or photos or personalised graphics can be added but may incur a minimal fee.

You have the choice of 2 options:

  1. Free (When submitted by a participating Funeral Director)
  2. or by Family and friends free can have items added to the site for Free of any charge

The staff at www.onlinememorials.com.au will guide you through the creation process. Please contact www.onlinememorials.com.au by:

You may prefer to write the Memorial at your leisure perhaps with other family members or friends.

Alternatively you can discus and write the Memorial over the telephone with our help through an informal interview. If neither of these options suit you can answer the questions in how to write a memorial and email, or mail the answers back to us. We can then create a memorial for your approval.


Writing a tribute album can be a difficult thing. We have provided some outlines and questions that will hopefully inspire you.

If you find that it is an emotional hardship to string your thoughts and memories together at this time we would be happy to do it for you. Just write down your memories and thoughts to the questions and we will write the memorial for you.

Sometimes it may be good for you to get family members and friends together to help with this process

Please don’t hesitate to contact Kerrie or Bob on 0408 431 352 if you need assistance.


onlinememorials.com.au understand that you may not have access to a scanner. They will create and display the memorial and add the photographs once they receive them from you. onlinememorials.com.au appreciate that your photographs are valuable – you may like to visit your local photographic store and have them copied or have them transferred digitally onto a disk for safety. Either way your photographs will be promptly and safely returned to you once displayed.

Of course you can.

Individual tributes can be created and added to the memorial at no extra charge by emailing them to us the information that you want entered.

If you would like to update photographs, write additional text or add to the family tree there is a minimal fee to cover additional labour and storage costs only.

Anyone can create an online memorial for his or her loved one.

We do request however that you have permission from those that you mention in the tribute album.

Onlinememorials.com.au respects your privacy. Any information you provide them with is treated with responsibility, care and security.

Onlinememorials.com.au do not share, sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information to any third party about their clients or visitors unless provided with consent.

Onlinememorials.com.au makes Memorial, Current Notices, and Genealogy, available to all visitors. Therefore any information included in these forums becomes p ublic information. Authors should exercise caution when disclosing any personal information in these forums.

As outlined in detail in the Conditions of Provision of Information the author of such forums must receive permission from every living individual included in their memorial or Notice.

Memorials will be created and displayed within 24 hours or earlier.

Your memorial, tribute or obituary will be securely archived at the web site www.onlinememorials.com.au

  1. Click on Geneology
  2. Enter the Last Name (or any part there of)
  3. Press “search”

Onlinememorials.com.au will send you an email containing a direct link to the site that you can forward to friends and family.

You may also like to mention within any traditional newspaper notifications a line or 2, advising that a memorial album can be located at Onlinememorials.com.au

Our participating funeral directors have in all newspaper notices the www.olo.com.au line. www.olo.com.au will take you directly to Onlinememorials.com.au