Janice “Jan” White



Late of Maryland formerly of Thomas Street Cardiff.

Wife of the late Richard White (Dec 1999)

Mother and mother-in-law of Kerrie & Bob Dailey (Newcastle), Desley & Neil Brennan (Yepoon QLD), Richard & Mitch White (Canberra) , Alan & Kerry White (Sydney) and dear friend & companion Jim Needs (Edgeworth)

Sister and sister in-law of John (dec) and Judy Haigh, Wendy, Alan, Gordon (dec) and June (dec)

Aunty to Greg, Cathy and Suzanne

Grandmother of Sheldon, Ashley,Greg, Craig, Scott, Samantha, Katie, Kendall & Emma.

Great Grandmother of Adam, Jamie , Paige, Kai, Jared, Breanna,Rylan and Alanah 

Jan`s celebration of life held Tuesday 21st August 2007 at Reflections Chapel 36a Glendale Drive Glendale commencing at 10am.

“Always In Our Hearts”



Some say love, it is a river
that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor
that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger,
an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower,
and you its only seed.

It`s the heart afraid of breaking
that never learns to dance.
It`s the dream afraid of waking
that never takes the chance.
It`s the one who won`t be taken,
who cannot seem to give,
and the soul afraid of dyin`
that never learns to live.

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been to long,
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong,
just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed that with the sun`s love
in the spring becomes the rose


Thank you for touching my life…………..I know that where you are your taking the time to smell the roses…………..


Love Cath 

Dailey Funerals


To my Ma


Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone, how much they mean to you

It’s nice to know you had them there, in case you’re ever blue.

People like that are hard to find, and your lucky if their there

For you know they’ll always be there, and you know they’ll always care


That person for me is my Ma, Or Suze as pop used to say

We played dress up, with her costumes and would put on many plays

Even when I wouldn’t eat as a child, she’d make faces with my food

I’d laugh and laugh it worked a treat, and put me in the mood


My ma had so much patience, for time and time again

Every visit I asked to see her porcelain dolls, for me to play pretend

Or all my school stuff from kindergarten that she kept and put away

She’d seem them so many times before, but they were her treasures she used to say


My Ma taught me how to crochure, and how to make Daisy chains

Telling stories about the willow tree, and playing many games

Yatzee was our favourite, and I’m sure pop thought us mad

Cause we’d yell out, and giggle and it was some of the best times I’d ever had


Not only was she my grandma, but a jack of many trades

From an avid gardener one minute, to pops unskilled labourer as he used to say

She was always there to lend a hand and her heart was as big as they come

Ma knew just how to make you laugh and I always would have fun


The first present she ever gave me, was my orange bear she made

He’s now 29yrs old and Ma made him well, cause he does not look his age

Its funny what you remember as a child and what is passed on to you

Ma’s lunches I’d look forward to, as there was so much food.


I loved coming home, which was wherever Ma was

It would feel like I’d never left and she just give me one of her huge hugs

I’d always feel safe, and she’d listen to me for hours on end

She was more than my grandma; she was also my best friend.


At my wedding, we cried and cried and I hugged her so tight

I knew everything would change, and I wouldn’t see her as much as I’d like

But she said it’s ok, it’s just what happens in life,

& then half a glass old tart as she would say, danced all night


So its time to say my last hooray, as Ma and Pop used to say

This time though it’s different, because they can’t hug me and tell me it’s ok

I can’t imagine, knowing she’s not just a phone call away

But I know she’s not that far, she’s in my heart and that’s where she’ll stay




To my Nan,

A grandma is one with warm hugs and sweet memories.

She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all your mistakes.

She is someone you can tell your secrets and worries to and she hopes and prays for all your dreams to come true.

She always loves you no matter what.

She can see past temper tantrums and bad moods and makes it clear that they don`t affect how precious you are to her.

She is an encouraging word and a tender touch.

She is full of proud smiles.

She is the one person in the world who loves you with all her heart.

Who remember the child you were and cherishes the person you`ve become.


Nan was the strongest person i`ve ever met, throughout her illness she managed to keep her head up and stay positive.  I will always admire her for this.  Our memories will last forever, she was always there when I needed to talk even if she felt unwell.

I will always remember our quality time and taking her on holidays. She keep loving us no matter the conditions.  She could always have a good laugh and keep everyone smiling. She is my favourite memory.  I love her and I no that we wish she was still here but I guess God needed an angel.

I luv you Nan

Love always Emma XXXOOO

To my dearest Ma,

Not a day that goes by will I not think of your smiling face.

You taught me that even though blood does not bind us the meaning of true family radiates from your heart and soul.

I thank you for all the wonderful memories we shared together.

You were everything I could ever ask for in a Grandmother

I pray that God will keep you save in Heaven amongst all the Angels and that Pop is waiting for you with open arms.

Love always for all eternity, your granddaughter.


Jans Lament.

Goodbye sweetheart, All my prays are for you.


Goodbye sweetheart, God is watching o`er you.

Tears and parting, make us feel sad.

But then we recall the goodtimes we had.

So we`ll say goodbye sweetheart, parting brings us sadness.

But memories of you, will fill our hearts with gladness.

Angels hold you, in their wings enfold you.

Goodbye sweetheart, Goodbye.

Love always from Jim.

Most of us did not have the chance to know  you, but we know those who love you. Knowing these people and seeing the love they feel for you makes you one special lady.

Kerrie, Bob and family, our thoughts are with you. You have many wonderful memories of Jan and these are the things to cherish.


Melissa, Carmel, Sandy , Michelle and CJCs staff.


For Aunty Jan,


You were there when Dad needed you the most for that I am grateful. I am also sure he was too.I remember visiting you in hospital when I came up to visit mum, Jim was there and it was the first time I had met him. He was laughing and joking around with you. As they say laughter is the best medicine so I was happy that you had someone special who could make you laugh.


I also am grateful that you let me help you do the flowers for Dad`s funeral. Sam was with us and we had a lovely visit the night before the funeral.Its a memory that will last a lifetime.


Thanks Aunty Jan



Friends are like a deck of cards,

They come in Kings & Queens, Red & Black, Sixes & Sevens,

But if one is missing, the deck won`t work …”


Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I miss you
Thank you for being a friend



Thinking of you this mothers day 11th May 2008 with fond memories and love always.

Kerrie & Bob

Hi Mum,

it would have been you birthday today number 72


wish you were here to say happy birthday




Kerrie & Bob


Happy Birthday Mum

We love you

Kerrie & Bob



Hi Ma,

Was sitting here thinking how much I miss you and thought I would write you a message to tell you how much I love you.  I think about you all the time especially when I am driving and I have 5mins quiet time.  I think I still find it hard to think that you are gone, so much so that I haven’t deleted your number out of my mobile phone (I try, but I cant – because than its final).  I guess being able to write this to you makes me feel like you’re still here.  I guess tonight I am a bit sad more than ever because I was trying to find the yahtzee game that Ben and the girls and I play every Christmas in honour of you. I never thanked you for the amazing influence you had on my life and how lucky I am that you were my grandma.  I believe everything happens for a reason, I think you were always destined to be my Ma.  I miss you so much at Christmas and see you in everyone that has similar mannerisms and I seem to draw myself closer to these people because they remind me of you.  I pulled out some of my old books from when I was a kid the other day to read to the girls and one happened to be a Christmas one that you and Ma Dot had bought me (it’s a personalised Christmas story) and that put a smile on my face as it reminded me of you.  I have your porcelain doll you made sitting in my room, always watching over me like I know you are. Where ever you are Ma (I can imagine Pop sitting there watching the cricket and your fussing around the kitchen), I love you very very much and miss you so much more.


Your Granddaughter Samantha xoxoxo


HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHdAy Ma 🙂

I just had this wonderful dream where we were eating dinner (your famous beans) and we were playing Yahtzee. I woke up with a start and realised what today`s date was. I miss you so much everyday and wish you were here, there are no words that can express how much I miss you. But I make sure your memory lives on and I talk about you all the time with the girls especially Charlie who wants to know who she is named after.

I`m a big believer that things happen for a reason and I`m so grateful that you are my grandma – I love you Ma and wherever you are know I`m always thinking of you – and tell pop that I love him.

Love you to the moon and back your granddaughter Samantha xo


Happy Birthday Mother

Love & Miss you so much.

Kerrie & Bob xxxx


Dear Ma,

It`s been a couple of weeks since your birthday (but I couldn`t find the link to write) and I just wanted you to know that I`m always thinking of you.

You are always around whether I`m telling the girls about you, or I`m eating beans or tacos and when we are playing Yahtzee.

The girls wished they remembered or have met you because I`m always talking about you.

I met a lady the other day who reminded me of you and I was telling her about you and that I really miss you and she had said she sounds like an amazing lady – which you definitely were 🙂

It`s been 9yrs and it hasn`t gotten any easier. I know you and pop are up there gardening together and i know you are always looking out for us.

Know that you will be forever in my heart and I`m so grateful to be able to send you these messages as it makes me feel like your right here.

Love you always and forever your granddaughter Samantha xoxo







Hi Ma,
It’s been a while since I wrote but I want you to know that it never gets any easier, I still miss you everyday. I talk about you all the time with the girls ( 4 of your great granddaughters) Nov 2022