Matthew passed away suddenly in his home on the 4th October 2020. Loved by his family in Melbourne and his two sons Adrian and Bradley Cobb and your adoring grand children Nathan and Lilly Cobb.
Matthew was a successful Chartered Accountant starting his business in the early 90’s in Melbourne and eventually moving to Sunshine Coast Queensland when he sons were a little older.
Matthew loved and cherished his career and his many clients that he had formed friendships with also throughout the years.

Matthew you have left a huge hole in our hearts especially your sons whom adored the ground you walked on.
On behalf of your living relatives, mother Jan, your Aunt Elaine , Your father Max, Sons, Adrian , Bradley, grandchildren, Nathan and LILLY, Your ex-wife Carol and her family whom also adored you throughout the years, Rosalie, Charlie, Karen and Michael Marchese, we do hope you are finally resting in peace and without pain and turmoil that you experienced for so very long.

Always in our hearts xx